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Peach Ice Cream - 2 oz.

Peach Ice Cream - 2 oz.

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Delicious smooth and lightly sweet peach notes are in abundance. Lightly fresh hibiscus finish.


Sultry, sweet and bursting with summertime flavor, when the temperature climbs, there's nothing more beguiling than a bowl of homemade peach ice cream. A sumptuous mix of dried peaches, apples and assorted flowers, each sip is like a loving spoonful of chilled peachy cream.


By virtue of the fact that these blends do not contain any tea and are a special blend of fruits and herbs - they are caffeine free! An additional benefit is that these 'teas' contain Vitamin C. What could be better - a healthy drink that tastes GREAT? 


Ingredients: Apple, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Peach pieces, Camomile petals & Natural flavors. 


Tea From: Turkey / Chile / Egypt / China

                  Region(s): Anatolya / Patagonia /

                  Nile River Delta + Fayoum / Shandong




Caffeine Free


Brew: 5 - 10 minutes