Kenya Zebra Sencha - 2 oz.

Kenya Zebra Sencha - 2 oz.

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Innovative cup from Kenya. Light Sencha green tea notes with floral accents and an exceptionally smooth finish.


Kenyan tea producers, in order to produce tea masterpieces like this Zebra Sencha have needed a little outside help in the form of an imported Japanese tea genus perfectly geared to Sencha production.

While planting foreign tea varieties in Kenya isn't a new phenomenon, (the Kenyan industry was in fact founded on tea bushes from India), producing premium Sencha is. 

After determining certain plots of Kosabei Estate shared similar ph levels to traditional Sencha plots in Shizuoka, Japan and decided to experiment. The broad-leafed bushes selected proved highly adaptable to the Kenyan soil and recently, the experiment began to pay off. Further employing the Japanese method of steaming the leaf before production, the final cup is bright with notes of grass, moss, honey and delicate seaweed. A magnificent tea development named after Kenya's likewise magnificent animal.


Tea From: Kenya

                   Region(s): Kericho Mombasa


Organic & Kosher


Caffeine: Low


Brew: 3 - 5 minutes