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Organic Grapefruit Rose - 2oz

Organic Grapefruit Rose - 2oz

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Ready for a taste of spring? A sip of Grapefruit Rose warms the spirit like the first ray of sun after a long cruel winter.

A delightful blend of organic leaf, natural flavouring oils, flower petals and fruit pieces, Grapefruit Rose can be enjoyed piping hot, or poured over ice with a dash of natural sweetener. Bask in the glory of spring!

Ingredients: Sencha Green tea, Rosehip, Rose, Cornflower petals, Raspberry pieces & Natural flavors.


Tea From: China / Chile / Egypt

                  Region(s): Hunan Province / Patagonia /

                  Nile Delta River + Fayoum




Caffeine: Low


Brew: 3 - 5 minutes