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Scottish Breakfast - 2 oz.

Scottish Breakfast - 2 oz.

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Malty, full bodied character with bright flavoury notes and hints of cask oakiness. 


Highlanders liked their tea very strong and insisted on hints of cask oak to remind them of their clan's own special elixir - single malt Scotch. This blend consists of 2nd Flush Assam tea (thick, robust with delicious hints of malt); January production South Indian tea (high mountain grown that has wonderful flavour notes which accentuate the robust Assam); Keemun Panda #1 which has a delicious winy character further enhancing the stout malty character of the blend and finally a Chingwo County

Orange Pekoe which gives the distinct oaky character.


This tea is especially delicious with milk, which further lends a malty character to the tea and highlights the brightness of the premium tea, which has hints of a red color.


Ingredients: Black tea


Tea From: India / China

                   Region(s): Assam + Nilgiri / Anhui


Organic & Kosher


Caffeine: Medium


Brew: 4 - 5 minutes